Mercury Filling Removal

26 Nov

Many of us want to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.  We do some form of exercise, stress relief, nutrition, supplementation, elimination of toxins.  There is a tremendous amount of research on how to live healthier, what supplements to take in order to thrive and remove toxins, and heal our bodies.

What goes in must come out

Think about this equation for a minute: if you take in 100 units of poison into your body every day, but remove only 5 units, you are still left with 95 excess units at the end of each day.  That results in 665 excess units of poison per week, 34,675 excess units of poison per year, and almost 350,000 excess units of poison in a decade.   Excess units of poison equal disease, equal cancer, equal chronic pain, equal fibromyalgia, equal so many ailments that are not well treated by regular traditional medicine. 

If you are spending money on supplements to help detoxify your body, but the cause of the toxins is still present, you are wasting your money.  You have to remove the cause in order to get ahead and get healthy. 

So many people spend money on supplements to remove poison, toxins from their body yet the main source of the toxins, their mercury fillings, are still present in their mouth, leaking mercury vapour constantly into their bodies. Mercury Filling Removal is a big step toward getting healthy.

Mercury = poison = disease

Click here, to see a video of the mercury vapour that is constantly released from mercury fillings.

Removing the Cause: Mercury Filling Removal

If you want to live a more holistic life, you have to start with the obvious.  If you still have mercury fillings in your mouth, remove them and replace them with a BPA-free resin or porcelain.  Mercury filling removal is the first step to living a healthier lifestyle.  Make sure you do this with a dentist who supports your journey and is familiar with not only how to remove the mercury fillings safely, but also how to replace them with more bio-compatible materials.  Removing mercury fillings is a skill, one that needs to be learned properly, then practiced, then used daily in order to master it.  Make sure your dentist is a master at removing and replacing mercury fillings. 

Mercury Filling Removal: Proper Technique

Removing and replacing mercury fillings is not as simple as one would think.  Not safely anyways.  Mercury fillings need to be removed with as little mercury exposure as possible so in one two pieces rather than blasting them out. 

  • Bonding technique is sensitive and technique specific.  In order to do it well, your dentist must be really familiar and practiced in this. 
  • BPA free resin needs to be used.
  • Rubber dam isolation is key to prevent contamination.
  • High volume suction and the use of extensive water – distilled – to reduce mercury exposure.
  • Oxygen supplementation and ozone when indicated.
  • Highly experienced dentist familiar with BPA free resin placement that creates shrinkage towards the tooth to minimize sensitivity. 
  • Detoxification protocol before, during and after mercury removal. 
  • Understanding of different biocompatible materials to know what is best for your particular situation and needs.
  • Ensuring that ALL mercury has been removed.

Mercury filling removal and replacement is tricky if you want to do it well.  Each step is crucial to your success and well being.  Let us know if you want to discuss the steps and details involved – schedule a consultation. 

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