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Shattering Myths: Reversing Dental Decay Naturally

We are cognizant that some who look toward a holistic lifestyle also might look toward at-home remedies to correct dental and health concerns before seeking professional advice. While we applaud people’s commitment to exploring their optimal health, we caution that there are just some health concerns that require professional intervention. The restoration of decaying teeth [...]

2019-10-18T15:50:08-05:00October 16th, 2019|Holistic Solutions, Teeth and Gums|

Too Much of a Good Thing… The Story Behind Fluoride

Fluoride has been a contentious issue for many decades now and leaves patients concerned and confused about the role fluoride should or shouldn’t play in their own dental care, as well as their children’s. What makes the question of fluoride even more confusing is the role each municipality plays in the addition of it to [...]

Baby Teeth Fall Out Anyway, So No Need to Visit the Dentist Yet

Great Dental Care Starts Before the Teeth Even Enter the Picture Dental care has come a long way in the past few decades, but what always surprises us is how many people don’t understand the importance of good oral hygiene for babies. Yes… it actually does start before the first tooth even erupts through [...]

2019-10-02T07:00:22-05:00October 2nd, 2019|Kids and Teens, Teeth and Gums|

What’s in your toothpaste?

Toothpaste is a standard part of at-home oral care for many people. It promotes oral hygiene by removing dental plaque and food from teeth and contains ingredients to suppress bad breath and fight tooth decay. In order to know what type of toothpaste is right for you, it's helpful to understand what's in it [...]

2019-06-26T20:02:42-05:00June 25th, 2019|Teeth and Gums|

About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is getting a lot of attention lately in part due to the "Root Cause" documentary. We wrote a two-part blog (Root Cause Analysis Part One and Root Cause Analysis Part Two) specifically about the research and ideas brought up in the film. In this blog, we answer common root canal questions that [...]

2019-07-10T13:19:00-05:00March 27th, 2019|Teeth and Gums|

First Filling – What to Consider

Why the first filling matters The first filling sets the stage for all future dental work and can result in problems later on. When a child (or anyone for that matter) requires a filling, and it’s their first filling, it is very important to discuss options, including the type of materials to be used [...]

2019-03-08T13:15:07-05:00March 6th, 2019|Teeth and Gums|

Braces without Surgery

Sometimes, patients are told they need surgery to correct alignment and bite issues. In some cases this is true, but not all positioning problems require surgery or extractions. We’ve helped to correct jaw and teeth alignment in many patients without surgery. Claire’s story A dentist advised Claire and her parents that she would need [...]

2019-02-20T17:33:16-05:00February 20th, 2019|Kids and Teens, Teeth and Gums|

Mercury Vapour Exposure

Mercury vapour is released from dental amalgam fillings when chewing, grinding, clenching, or simply rubbing something against your fillings. Mercury is toxic, it accumulates in the body, and ANY amount of mercury taken into the body is hazardous.  How much mercury is in my mercury amalgam fillings? Dental amalgam, often referred to as mercury [...]

2019-02-12T12:46:03-05:00February 11th, 2019|Holistic Solutions, Teeth and Gums|

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