TMJ Disorders Treatment Oakville

13 May
CBCT Dental Scan

Enhancing TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment: Introducing CBCT Technology to Our Practice

We are excited to announce the integration of cutting-edge technology into our practice with the introduction of a Cone Beam Computed Tomography…

6 Sep
Fractured Molar Cusp or Broken Crown on Molar

Fractured Molar Cusp or Broken Crown on Molar- Check for CR-MIP Slide

  Ever wonder why posterior crowns need so much adjusting or why molars break and fracture much more often than other teeth?…

30 Aug
Fracture Teeth

Can Straightening Teeth Cause Jaw Pain? – Patient Analysis Series

We are often confused when we see a patient with beautiful perfectly straight teeth and their jaw hurts or clicks. I see…

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