Mouth Health

29 Mar
Teeth Whitening Oakville | Smiles By Bis

Home Tooth Whitening – The Good, The Bad, and The REALLY Scary

  “You charge too much for whitening; I am just going to do it myself at home” Every now and then I…

22 Mar
Common Things People Say to Their Dentist | Smiles By Bis

Common Things People Say to Their Dentist – That are Absolutely NOT True

As a dentist, I hear certain things so often that I thought I should write a blog about it for a couple…

16 Mar
Vitamins Holistic Dentistry

6 Vitamins Holistic Dentistry Says You Should Be Taking for Your Smile

Understanding Vitamins & Supplements Our mouths also need vitamins and minerals to function properly. Holistic dentistry encourages overall health, so by supplementing…

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