Root Canal – Extract or Not?

5 Feb
Root Canal Extracted Treatment

There is a lot of online chatter suggesting a link between root canals and cancer, and other harmful diseases. This originated from the research of Weston Price, a dentist in the early 20th century who ran a series of tests, that had a lot of flaws and bias. This has been perpetuated by the documentary “The Root Cause” suggesting that teeth that have undergone root canal therapy still harbour incredibly harmful toxins. According to Price and the documentary, these toxins act as a breeding ground cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and other conditions. Joseph Mercola, a doctor who follows Price’s research, has made some serious claims about root canals and their link to cancer.

This idea has created a lot of confusion and fear and resulted in people not getting root canal treatment when needed. The challenge with this topic lies in the ultimate desire to do what’s best for our patients, and as a holistic dentist, I am always torn between what my patient believes and wants for themselves, and what my licensing responsibilities are. So without getting into a heated debate about root canals themselves, the answer, at least for me, lies in ensuring that I help my patient understand their particular unique situation, what the risks, benefits, consequences, and options are, and help guide them to come up with a treatment solution that works long-term and is aligned with what they ultimately want for themselves. Many of our patients that come to my office to have their root canal treated teeth extracted, end up keeping them once they learn about the consequences and costs related to restoring the missing teeth after. And there are others that proceed with extractions and are happy to follow through with alternate ways of restoring the extracted tooth or teeth, after these extractions.
Ultimately, it comes down to making sure that the patient has all the information before making a decision like this. And if, knowing all the pros and cons to extracting, they still want to move forward, then I know I am providing the best holistic dental care for them and I am happy to work with them on their journey to health. If you have questions about your existing root canals or you have been told you need one, contact our office to discuss your options, as well as consequences of each. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and we are here to help you understand the risks, benefits, challenges, and consequences so you can plan ahead and prevent unpleasant surprises later on.
About Dr. Agatha Bis
Oakville Dentist, Dr. Agatha Bis, DDS received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Western Ontario in 1996. With over 25 years of clinical experience creating beautiful and healthy smiles, Dr. Bis offers a unique approach to dentistry, blending modern dental practices with the
use of digital technology to optimize health outcomes. With thousands of hours in post-graduate training, her unique focus and expertise in treating TMD and providing options in restorative dentistry, along with digital technology has led to helping numerous patients resolve chronic and debilitating dental challenges.

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