Oil-Pulling Miracles?

4 Feb
Oil Pulling | Smiles By Bis
Oil Pulling is an alternative treatment that suggests it gets rid of unwanted bacteria in your body and around your mouth. Holistic Dentists have been asked about this many times and many people believe that this is a great alternative oral care solution. In fact, I have have countless patients who swear by it and say that their teeth are much whiter and cleaner than ever before. The process of oil pulling in holistic dentistry involves putting a tablespoon of vegetable oil, often coconut oil, into your mouth and swishing it around for 20 minutes before spitting it out. People who do this on a daily basis say that the oil gets in between teeth and hard to reach places and is supposed to pull stuff out of your mouth that is normally difficult to get rid of.
The internet is full of before and after pictures of “healed cavities”, “bacteria-free gums”, and other feel-good stories. There are pictures of cavities before oil-pulling, and then the revelation of remineralized enamel and cavity gone after oil-pulling. But if you look close at those pictures, the ones with the big visible cavity in the before picture, and then at the “healed” tooth in the after picture, you will see a clear outline of where the dental filling material is, after the decay was removed with a dental high speed. And the other pictures of so-called cavities that healed, these are often photos of stain and not decay, and yes stain can be removed through home care and various cleaning methods, including oil pulling. But what bugs me the most is the mis-information, and the lack of education when it comes to what a “cavity” actually is and when to intervene to treat with traditional dentistry vs the various holistic dentistry alternatives.
I’ve seen this in my practice countless times, where a patient shows up in massive pain and large facial swelling after 3 years of not coming in and can’t understand why they have this giant infection “despite daily oil-pulling”. What many people want to believe is that the magic pill, the home remedy, and the trendy oil pulling can replace the removal of debris that is stuck to your teeth and roots. But the simple fact is that without removing the hard pesky tartar that hides below the gumline and can’t be removed with oil-pulling, along with the diagnostic tools and the years of expertise that your dentist has when it comes to prevention and treating of tooth decay and gum disease, there are problems that could be brewing inside your jaw, bone, or blood, that you may not be aware of. Oil pulling is a great adjunct to your oral health routine; but it is not a replacement to brushing, flossing, and regular professional care. Holistic dentistry helps you maintain your mouth and your body in the best health possible so let your holistic dentist help you incorporate home care based on your choices but guide you to achieve the healthiest outcome so that you can avoid bigger issues from developing later on.
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