Porcelain Onlay – What do Prosthetics have to do with it?

19 Nov

What’s the best way to replace a mercury filling?  Many people who have mercury fillings think we can simply replace them with a new “filling”.  And there are many times we can.  But there are some where it’s just irresponsible to do so.

Fillings vs. Bandaids

When you have a small cut on your body, you can place a bandaid on it to protect it while it heals.  Dental fillings are kind of like bandaids.  They are meant to cover a small “cut” in your tooth and protect it.  Now a tooth can’t heal itself (at least not yet) and regenerate, so the filling serves as a permanent bandaid.  

But what happens when the cut is too large?  What if, for example, a portion of your body was missing?  Not to be gross here but how would you like that portion to be restored?

If a portion of your body was missing, you can’t just put a bandaid on it.  You would want a prosthesis, one that acts and functions and looks like your original body.  Not a bandaid. The answer is: an Porcelain Onlay.

Porcelain Onlay is like a Lifelike Prosthesis

A dental onlay acts, and looks and feels like a tooth.  So when a larger portion of your tooth is gone due to your mercury filling and resultant decay, a porcelain onlay is a great way to restore your tooth back to its original form.  It lasts many years and functions just like a brand new tooth.

Cost of a Porcelain Onlay vs. Filling

A Porcelain Onlay is much more expensive initially when compared to a filling. The cost can vary but it is usually two to three times the cost of a filling.  But a porcelain onlay will out last a filling when it comes to longevity.  Porcelain onlays last decades; fillings last years.  When a porcelain onlay is placed, the procedure is very conservative as it preserves any remaining healthy tooth structure.  After decades, you still have your tooth.  The cost may be more up front but it will save you money and visits to the dentist long-term.  

You always have a choice.  You decide what treatment is right for you.  But we will always present you with the options that include the best and most functional and beautiful solution that lasts.

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