5 Traits of an Effective Dental Care Team

11 Dec

I am fairly certain that most patients who visit our dental care team at the Oakville office know what we do. Some of our patients even know how we do it. But the question for me is do patients know why we do it? And by why I don’t mean to make a profit. By why I mean:

  • What is our purpose?
  • What do we believe in?
  • Why we work so well as a team?  

The answer to this question is an important one for me because it is what drives every aspect of my practice. 

Shared values and purpose set us apart from other dental offices. 

It’s why:

  • Our dental care team is unique.
  • Our patients tell us that no matter who is taking care of their appointment on a particular day, they always get exceptional care and service.
  • We work incredibly well as a team.
  • We go above and beyond for our patients.
  • Any one of my team members will happily share that they love their job, and the people they work with.  

“I love working at Dr. Agatha Bis Dentistry because each day is unique and I enjoy the variety it offers me. We all work together to provide the best level of quality care for patients and that truly feels rewarding” – Kera Krappe, Dental Hygienist

A commitment to be better today than yesterday

I believe our dental care team is unique because we make a commitment daily, over and over again, to be better today than yesterday. Whether it’s fixing teeth, teaching technique, incorporating a new system or service at the office; constant growth and improvement are at the core of everything we do.

I believe that we can always learn more, do better, aspire higher. Together as a team, we constantly look for opportunities to learn and be even better.

There are many amazing things about our dental office and team. I’ve narrowed it down, and for me, the following 5 traits not only contribute to the success of our dental care team, they are what truly sets the team apart:

  • A desire to learn new things
  • An interest in taking on new challenges
  • Confidence in their ability to help patients
  • Fun people who love what they do
  • People who want to share their knowledge and skills to help you

“I love the people I work with; they are talented, fun and dedicated to providing the best care and experience for our patients. Every day is a new challenge and I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be innovative”  – Linda Mac, Dental Hygienist

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