Why do I keep getting Cavities?

21 May

Many patients come to our office concerned with the health of their mouth.  Many keep getting cavities or have persistent gum disease and are worried about these ongoing issues.

Mouth & Body Connection

It is important to emphasize that your mouth is connected to your body and if there is bacteria present in the mouth, it will spread to the rest of your body.  So the health of your mouth is critical in supporting your well-being in general and our focus is to create ongoing optimal health of your mouth and we work with you to create solutions that are right for you.

What really causes Cavities?

Research shows that cavities are caused by an acid/alkaline imbalance.  Sugar in our diet is used by a bacteria called Strep Mutans which, in turn, cause acid and it is that acid that causes cavities.

Sugar includes any sugar, so not just simple sugars are the culprit.  Complex carbohydrates can also produce acid and it’s important to be aware of that.  In addition, our own saliva pH is dictated by the overall alkalinity of our system.  If our body is acidic, our saliva will also be more acidic, and result in an increase in cavities.

What you can do to reduce Cavities

If you are going to eat sugary snacks, it is better to eat them at once rather than snack on them for a long period of time.  Maintaining proper oral hygiene including recommended periodontal therapy treatments in our office is critical to reducing the cavities-causing bacteria.  Keeping your body in alkaline state is always a good idea for your overall health and does help support you on your path to a cavities-free mouth.

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