What You Need to Know About Fluoride

28 May

Fluoride has been used to prevent or reduce the amount of cavities we get.  Research showed that fluoride has made enamel more resistant to acid in your mouth, thereby reducing cavities.


Fluoride is said to protect against cavities by inhibiting mineral loss, promoting remineralization of decalcified enamel, and reducing plaque acids.

Water fluoridation has been shown to be the most effective means of preventing or reducing cavities by about 50%.  Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to the public water supply, and is added to a level that is effective in controlling and preventing cavities.


In recent years, fluoride has undergone scrutiny and caused concerns with public water fluoridation.  Its presence in drinking water has been shown to increase the rate of cancer, brittle bones, and fluorosis (white spots on teeth), as well as neurological impairment.

Areas of high water fluoridation have been shown to have:

  • higher rates of osteoporosis
  • higher rates of cancer
  • higher incidences of hip fractures
  • higher rates of birth defects

What you can do about it

Children should not use adult toothpaste, because kids tend to swallow it so a natural or kids’ toothpaste is recommended.

Use bottled, or distilled water for drinking.

Use natural toothpastes.

At Dr. Bis’s office, we are always learning and staying current with the latest research.  We are committed to offering alternative treatments so don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with us.

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