Why Dental Assistants Are So Great!

28 Apr

Pictured above: The Dr. Agatha Bis Dentistry team

In light of our beloved dental assistant, Kim taking some down time from work for minor surgery, we thought we would recognize all of the dedication and hard work it takes to be an assistant!

Why Assistants Are Great:

They are extremely knowledgeable:

Dental assistants have to take a wide range of courses to graduate. From dental anatomy, to pharmacology, to psychology – they need these skills to make sure every patient is getting the care they need and deserve. Dental assistants sit side-by-side with the dentist all day long, so they are very capable of answering a lot of your questions. If ever in doubt – ask your dental assistant!

They are there to help you with more than just your dental needs:

Because of their need to make their patients feel comfortable, dental assistants are great listeners. They are loving, compassionate and genuinely care about you. They will give you that extra touch of warmth that makes your dental visit that much better!

They are the backbone that holds the entire office together:

Dental assistants are often responsible for MANY different tasks in the office. The office runs smoothly because of the ability of dental assistants to efficiently multitask and pick up where needed.

They are patient.

Dental assistants are very patient people. Especially in health care professions, things can happen unexpectedly and patience is key. The dental assistant always keeps the day on track and assures it runs as smoothly as possible.

We sure are lucky to have Kim! We love you because you bring so much happiness, warmth, comfort and strong work ethic to this team. We don’t know what we would do without you! 

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