5 Non-Malignant Oral Lesions You Should Know About

Geographic Tongue

Benign oral lesions that generally does not produce symptoms. Not directly related to any other serious oral condition.


Avoid smoking, acidic foods. Some topical treatments available.

Linea Alba

A horizontal line on the cheek between the upper and lower teeth. Usually caused by habitual cheek biting or clenching/grinding at night.


Avoid further trauma, salt water rinses.

Lichen Planus

An inflammatory condition that produces white, web-like or plaque-like oral lesions.


There is no cure for Lichen Planus, but topical relief is available should it become symptomatic.

Oral Thrush

A yeast infection in the mouth caused by the Candida bacteria. It is not contagious.


It can be treated with antifungal medications.


An internal bruise caused by trauma of the oral tissue. Looks like a brown/deep red bump.


Most commonly disappears on its own, but consult your dentist if no improvement in two weeks.

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