White Teeth: Identify Types of Teeth Staining

9 Dec

We all want white teeth. We all get stains, but did you know that not all stains are alike? Stains come from a variety of sources and not all of them are easily removed by standard tooth whitening. It is important to understand the type of stain you have so your dental professional can determine how to remove it and give you the white teeth you have always wanted.

Types of Stain Preventing You from Having White Teeth

Outside the Tooth

Appearance: Typically appear as orange, brown or black stains


  • Coffee/tea
  • Tobacco
  • Red wine
  • Iron supplements
  • Dark coloured vegetables (ie. beats)
  • Bright-coloured spices (ie. turmeric)
  • Certain types of antibiotics
  • Some mouth rinses

Inside the Tooth

Appearance: Typically appear grey, yellow or bright white


  • Fluorosis (too much fluoride in water when teeth were developing)
  • Enamel deficiencies (acquired in the womb during tooth development)
  • Age (thinner enamel, revealing underlying yellow dentin)
  • Tooth recession
  • Trauma
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Wear
  • Fractures or cracks

If you are unsure of which type of stain you have preventing your white teeth from shining, contact our office! Your dental professional will advise you on which type of stain you have and how to improve it to give you the white teeth you deserve.

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