Cavity Filling – Alternatives to Amalgam Fillings

26 Nov

Are you concerned about the health risks of having a type of cavity filling called amalgam in your mouth? Feeling self-conscious about the way they look? Are you ready to have them replaced with something that is safer AND looks better? First, you need to know your options – and we are here to help.

Composite (White) Cavity Filling:

Composite fillings are the most common alternative to amalgam for cavity filling. Composite fillings are tooth coloured and are made from powdered glass, quartz, silica or other ceramic particles added to a resin base. They are called ‘white’ fillings because essentially – that’s their most favourable and well-known trait. Unlike amalgam fillings, composite is a type of cavity filling that comes in a variety of shades to match perfectly to your teeth. They provide high strength, aesthetic appeal and are more conservative as compared to amalgam fillings.

Porcelain Crowns:

Because amalgam is a type of cavity filling that tends to be very invasive and require a lot of tooth structure removal to place them, the tooth loses a lot of its strength. When amalgam fillings stay in your mouth for years, they start breaking down around the edges of the filling. When the edges break down, bacteria can easily slip through miniscule cracks and infect the tooth underneath the filling. When this happens and the cavity is large enough, a tooth may require a crown to protect it against fracturing. Crowns are meant to last a long period of time, provide strength and support to the tooth and can be colour matched better than any cavity filling.

Who Is A Candidate for Amalgam Replacement?

You may be a candidate for a filling replacement if:

  1. You are feeling any kind of sensitivity or pain on your old fillings
  2. You are dissatisfied with the appearance of the silver fillings
  3. You are concerned with the health risks associated with having mercury in your mouth
  4. You notice holes, cracks or discolouration of your fillings
  5. Your dental professional has suggested you replace your old fillings
  6. You choose to have your mercury fillings replaced

If you are unsure if you are a candidate or have questions about replacing your amalgam fillings, please contact our office!

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