Looking For An Alternative to CPAP? The Sleep Apnea Appliance May be a Solution for You!

10 Sep

Are you tired of family, friends or spouses complaining about your thunderous roar of snoring during a seemingly peaceful sleep? This life-threatening condition can cause high blood pressure, headaches, depression, stroke, and heart attacks leading to heart failure.

A common aid to help sleep apnea is the CPAP machine or more technically known as “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.” This machine is used to help a variety of respiratory disturbances, including sleep apnea by assuring your airway is kept unobstructed.

Although the CPAP machine can be successful for users who use it perfectly, there are some downsides. The machine can be bulky, loud, and uncomfortable to sleep with. Additionally, those who use the CPAP are usually forced to sleep still, on their backs due to the awkwardness of the oxygen tubes.

Fortunately, mild-to-moderate sleep apnea sufferers have an alternative solution! A sleep apnea appliance is a custom made oral appliance that works by gently holding the jaw slightly forward while sleeping, allowing the soft tissues and muscles of the upper airway to relax. By relaxing these anatomic areas, it prevents the obstructions that ultimately lead to a sleep apnea diagnosis and creates a wider airway to allow more air flow.

The sleep apnea appliance is light, effective and lacks the bulky machine and loud noises. Along with its easy transportability, 91% of sleep apnea appliance users also consider the appliance to be comfortable when sleeping.

The path to a better sleep is clear – the sleep appliance is the preferable choice when treating sleep apnea patients. Do your body and mind a favour and talk to us about getting your sleep appliance today.

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