Dental X-rays: Why Does My Dentist Need so Many?

16 Oct

Do you feel like your dentist takes too many dental xrays?  Are you concerned with radiation exposure and think you can skip having dental xrays taken?  Check out this blog to find out what dentists look for on your rays to help keep you stay healthy.

Dental Xrays check for more than Cavities

Everyone knows that dental xrays are taken to help diagnose cavities.  There are many situations where cavities just cannot be seen visually, and dentists need to take certain xrays (known as Bitewings) to detect areas of cavities, especially small ones that should be restored early before progressing to bigger issues.

Dental Xrays can find hidden Infections

There are many times dental xrays can show hidden infections that you may not even know you had (yes, some infections do not cause pain or other symptoms and can easily go undetected yet cause health problems).  These hidden infections, if left untreated can get bigger and result in severe pain, tooth and bone loss, as well as lead to potential life-threatening infections.

Other Problems that are Diagnosed with X-rays

Other problems that x-rays can help diagnose are:

  • gum disease
  • bone loss
  • cysts in the jaw bone
  • jaw tumors and cancer
  • impacted teeth
  • sinusitis
  • jaw disorders

It is important to allow your dentist to take the recommended x-rays.  It is for your protection as well as prevention of much greater problems later on and could save your life, or prevent you from having a debilitating illness.

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