Is Your Child Really Brushing Their Teeth?

23 Oct

Do you ever wonder if your son or daughter is really brushing teeth properly?  Do you catch yourself asking if they brushed long enough or well enough?  We have something, called disclosing tablets, that can help your child improve their brushing.

Brushing Teeth Removes Plaque

Plaque is that film you feel on your teeth if you haven’t brushed them.  It’s mainly bacteria and by-products and it’s important to remove by brushing teeth properly.  Plaque hardens to tartar fairly quickly and if you don’t brush teeth frequently, that can happen easily and result in cavities and gum disease.

How Disclosing Tablets can Help with Brushing Teeth

Disclosing tablets are chewable tablets that contain dye which stains plaque.  In order to help you or your child brush teeth better, these tablets can be chewed to allow the dye to stain plaque, but then remember to spit and rinse out and look in the mirror.  Anywhere there is plaque, it will stand right out for you to be able to clearly see where your tooth brush needs to visit.

Simple Way of Teaching you how to Brush Teeth

If you want to teach your child to brush their teeth better, try this: have your child brush their teeth first on their own.  Then use a disclosing tablet and have them look in the mirror.  It is likely that they will have missed certain spots and plaque still remains, and with the help of a disclosing tablet, those areas are easily seen.  Have them brush again to remove the remaining plaque until all visible stain is removed.  If you do this every day for 2 weeks, it will improve their brushing technique greatly.

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