Can Red Wine Stain Really Help Fight Cavities?

26 Aug

No, this is not a joke.

No more feeling guilty about indulging in a glass of red wine – there is excellent news for all you wine enthusiasts!

A new study has confirmed that along with all the other benefits of red wine, you can now add ‘cavity fighting’ to the list.

‘Wine’ on earth would you drink red wine to help fight cavities?

Researchers conducted a study where bacteria was submerged in three glasses containing some red wine tracings, and one glass containing water and 12% ethanol (sans red wine). The three glasses containing red wine showed a significant decline in bacteria growth and showed bacteria death. These results have led researchers to believe that red wine could potentially have cavity-fighting properties.

But, Doesn’t Red Wine Cause Staining?

Absolutely. Before pouring yourself too many glasses, make sure you keep the staining agents in mind. Not to mention having copious amounts can impede on your body’s immune system.

DON’T STRESS: Red wine stain CAN be improved and sometimes removed completely by performing in office whitening or cleaning.

Breaking It Down: Most things in life work well in moderation. Having a glass of wine here and there has been proven to be beneficial for your general and oral health. This new research gives us hope that scientists will eventually be able to isolate the cavity-protecting qualities of red wine and thus apply it to real life scenarios.

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