Biologic Dentist – What Does that Mean?

15 Sep

A biologic dentist is also known as an environmental dentist or a holistic dentist.  That means, we consider impact on the entire body when we deliver dental care.  My belief, as a biologic dentist, is that teeth have as much of a health effect on your body as your heart or liver.  Therefore, they should be treated equally. My primary goal, as a biologic dentist, is restore your teeth while I ensure harmony with your entire body.

What Makes me a Biologic Dentist?

As a biologic dentist, I encourage patients to remove old, mercury fillings due to known health risks.  At our office, we use the latest in digital radiography to reduce radiation exposure.  In addition, we have installed an amalgam separator, which filters out pieces of mercury fillings.  That prevents them from ending up in our water supply!  By using protective barriers, as well as a rubber dam, we protect you when removing your old, mercury fillings.  As well, we use water at all times during mercury filling removal to protect you from the vapour.  In addition, we always provide our patients with treatment options.  As well, for those you with with gluten or latex allergies, we provide gluten free and latex-free options.

The “Mercury-Free Revolution” Explained by a Biologic Dentist

For decades, amalgam [mercury] fillings were widely used to restore teeth due to their strength and sustainability. As new studies and research became known, we have learned about the health effect of mercury.  As a result, in our office, we have eliminated the use of mercury for over 20 years.   Because of years of studies, we now know that mercury tends to attack people’s genetic “weak link”.  That can lead to mercury poisoning symptoms, which may range from a small rash, to neurological and immune issues. Most of all, this is particularly dangerous for expecting mothers, as the mercury can travel through the placenta and affect the baby even before it is born. It’s time to stop ignoring the facts and start acting on them.

Do you have questions about mercury-free, latex-free or gluten-free dentistry? Give us a call and we would be happy to assist you!

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