Why Tooth Whitening is Good for You

12 Feb


More and more people today are whitening their teeth.  But the most common question we get about tooth whitening is: “is tooth whitening safe?”

Is tooth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening techniques have been well evaluated and researched over the years, and the results obtained through professional whitening systems (both the ones applied in the dental office, like ZOOM, and the ones your dentist makes custom fitted for you to take home) are both very effective.  The active bleaching ingredient in most whitening products is carbamide peroxide, which yields hydrogen peroxide.

The products obtained through your dentist (NOT the over-the-counter ones) fall into two categories:

  • take home kits – with CUSTOM FITTED trays to minimize leakage
  • in office treatments – with precisely applied bleaching agents for maximum efficiency and fastest results

Both are very effective and ensure minimal ingestion of the bleaching agent and give you the whiter teeth you have been looking for.

Benefits of Tooth Whitening

The obvious benefits of tooth whitening are… well… whiter teeth!

Most people who look to whitening tooth products are looking for the obvious results of a whiter, brighter smile.

But did you know that there are some other benefits that we have noticed in our patients who whiten their teeth?


Other benefits of tooth whitening

One of my favourite benefits of tooth whitening is confidence.  Many of our patients who whiten their teeth smile much more as a result, and feel an increased level of self-confidence.

Another huge benefit of tooth whitening is an improvement in home oral hygiene.  When you are happy with your smile, you tend to take better care of it, so we have seen an increase in oral hygiene among our patients who whiten their teeth, including an increase in brushing, flossing, and using the water pick.

Probably the most important benefit, and side effect that has come from tooth whitening is a greater awareness.  Many of our patients who whiten their teeth tend to pay more attention to them and fix problems early rather than waiting till pain, and bigger issues arise.  Awareness brings preventive action, which in turn allows us to help you catch dental problems early, rather than waiting till they are bigger, more expensive and more painful to treat.

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