5 Weird Questions We Get From Patients

21 Aug

Sometimes, we get weird questions from our patients that I wonder if they are just trying to make me laugh or if they are truly serious.  Here are the top 5 weird questions we get from people. 

Can you pull all my teeth and give me dentures?

This is actually quite common.  For those of you who value your teeth, you are probably cringing right now at the idea of this.  Why would anyone want this?  I mean, do you cut your arm off because you broke it and need to be in a cast for a couple of months?  Do you cut your legs off because you sprained your ankle?  Do you get rid of your ears and the ability to hear because you got an ear infection?

Can I get your hygienist to come to my house everyday so I don’t have to brush or floss?

I am almost certain that this question is simply a joke and some people just want to see what we say.  But we do get this question more often than you’d think.

Can you put braces on my dog?

Ok seriously, what do I say to that?  Help me out here on this one.  If you are reading this and post a comment, you will be entered into a draw to win a fabulous electric toothbrush.  And hey, I bet some of you will try to use it on your dog.  🙂 

Can you pull my tooth without anesthesia?

Are people that afraid of a quick needle that they would be willing to go through this much agonizing pain?

Can you wire my mouth shut so I can stop eating and lose weight?

My most favourite weird question.  Yes, let’s do just that.  Totally doable.  No problem at all.  Let’s wire your mouth shut for that purpose.  We do this all the time.  We have better success than gyms, diets, and weight loss surgery combined.  LOL

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