Tooth Sealants – What’s the big deal?

31 Jul

Tooth sealants are a thin, plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent tooth decay. The painted on liquid sealant quickly bonds into the depressions and grooves of the teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.

How are Tooth Sealants applied?

It’s kind of like nail polish.  A thin layer that is placed into the grooves of teeth to prevent food and bacteria from getting in there. 

Sealants can protect the teeth from decay for many years, but they need to be checked for chipping or wear at regular dental check-ups.

Are Tooth Sealants beneficial?

Many parents ask us about sealants and some people feel they are unnecessary.  Remember one thing, sealants are super easy to apply (just like putting nail polish on your nails), they are very inexpensive, and seal the one area where your toothbrush just can’t reach.  And I have seen countless giant cavities, some that even resulted in root canals, because of decay in those grooves that could have been sealed by sealants.  So don’t hesitate when your dentist recommends sealants for your child.

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