Tooth Grinding – Atypical Series with Dr. Agatha Bis

21 Feb

Tooth grinding is common and many people clench or grind their teeth and live normal, healthy lives.  But after 37 years of severe grinding that caused Mike to break several teeth, living in constant pain from clenching and grinding led him to look for solutions.

Tooth Grinding: Introducing Mike

Mike came into our office when he heard that we can use Botox to treat clenching and grinding, a condition he’s been suffering from for about 37 years.

Mike presented with the following:

  • severe tooth grinding and clenching
  • several broken teeth
  • constant chronic pain around his masseter and temporalis muscles
  • inability to stop or control his clenching, which has now limited his life in many ways

Mike had tried nightguards in the past, but since he finds himself grinding and clenching all day, he is unable to wear the nightguard all the time.

Mike wanted a solution that would allow him to stop grinding and clenching during the day so he would be able to function normally without being in constant pain.

Causes of tooth grinding and clenching

There are numerous causes for clenching and grinding including:

  • misaligned bite
  • genetics
  • uneven teeth
  • past dental work
  • braces
  • psychological causes
  • stress
  • past trauma


Mike’s case was unique in that he could not stop clenching and grinding, even when he was sitting in my office and speaking with me.

We treated Mike with Botox and brought him back a week later for a re-assessment.

When Mike came back to our office a week later, he was a new man!  He could not stop smiling and was full of warmth a gratitude.  In his own words:

You have given me my life back“, he said as he spoke emotionally about the simple treatment he received.

Mike has since stopped grinding and clenching, his pain is gone, and he is able to work, function, and relate to people without feeling worn out and broken.

If you suffer from clenching and grinding, call our office for a consultation.

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