TMD Treatment Protocol

18 Apr
TMD Treatment Protocol

There are Four types of TMD Treatment Protocol as,

COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION (Appointment 1): approximately 1-2 hours

  • Medical& Dental history
  • Review the complete history of the problem and Review previous doctors and health care providers recommendations and treatments
  • Comprehensive Examination including Musculoskeletal Evaluation and TMJ
  • Occlusal Evaluation
  • Periodontal Examination
  • Review of radiographs
  • Recording of pre-existing dental conditions
  • Meeting the Doctor and discussing the problem.

NEUROMUSCULAR ANALYSIS (Appointment 2): approximately 1-2 hours

  • Diagnostic Models
  • Computerized Digital Scan
  • Muscle Relaxation with low frequency TENS
  • TMJ Analysis/Range of Motion Analysis
  • Neuromuscular Bite registration to determine neuromuscular jaw rest position.

PHASE I THERAPY (Appointment 3): approximately 3 hours

  • Orthotic Therapy with TENS – includes 3 follow-up visits (appointments 4, 5, and 6)
  • Delivery of the orthotic appliance – the orthotic is custom designed to the exact jaw recording specifications that were achieved at the previous visit.
  • TENS to refine the appliance to eat patient’s physiologic resting and functioning musculature
  • TScan Analysis (used at the second or third follow-up)
  • MScan Muscle Activity Analysis (used at the second or third follow-up)

*** Each additional follow-up orthotic adjustment visit: $500.00.


  • Once the patient is asymptomatic, a consultation appointment will be scheduled for the patient to discuss various treatment options for the second phase of treatment. The second phase will require one or more of the following procedures:
  • Orthodontics
  • Crown/Onlay Restorations
  • Crown/Onlay and Veneer Restorations
  • Combination of the above
  • A transitional fixed orthotic in addition to one or more of the above.

About Dr. Agatha Bis

Oakville Dentist, Dr. Agatha Bis, DDS received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from University of Western Ontario in 1996. With over 25 years of clinical experience creating beautiful and healthy smiles, Dr. Bis offers a unique approach to dentistry, blending modern dental practices with the use of digital technology to optimize health outcomes. With thousands of hours in post-graduate training, her unique focus and expertise in treating TMD and providing options in restorative dentistry, along with digital technology has led to helping numerous patients resolve chronic and debilitating dental challenges.


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