The Long-term Impact of Untreated TMJ Disorder

24 May
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If you have jaw pain, clicking or popping in your jaw joint, headaches, migraines or any of the numerous signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder, also known as TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Disorder), you are not alone.  If you have suffered with TMD for many years, and have not been able to find treatment, or you don’t think it’s severe enough to do anything about it, read on.

Research estimates that over half of the population experiences some signs and symptoms of TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Disorder).  Many of the patients left untreated have continuing underlying pathology that decreases the qualify of their lives.  Typical signs and symptoms of TMD include:

  • Recurring shoulder, next, or back pain or tension
  • Ringing in ear(s)
  • Pain or headaches
  • Migraines
  • Pain or tension in facial muscles
  • Clicking in jaw joint (or grinding sounds)
  • Tingling in fingers (or numbness)
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Loss of range of motion (limited opening)
  • Grinding and clenching
  • Worn teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Fracture lines in teeth
  • Retruded lower jaw or deep overbite
  • Short lower third of the face or increased lines, especially Marionette lines
  • Abfractions at gumline
  • Snoring or sleep apnea

Chronic Pain

If you leave TMD untreated, your symptoms may worsen, including your pain.  Chronic issues can result when left untreated, which makes it much more difficult to deal with later on.  Remember, pain is your body sending you a signal that something is wrong.  If you ignore it, it can lead to constant debilitating chronic pain, which is much more difficult to treat.  Chronic pain, and other symptoms related to this condition can impact your quality of life and increase anxiety and depression as well as dependence on prescription pain medication.

Damage and inflammation of the joint, muscles, and overall jaw position

Bone remodels when continuous pressure is applied to it.  If you don’t treat your TMJ disorder, the condyle of your jaw can become damaged, lead to severe inflammation, pain, remodelling, and jaw changes.  Those changes can accelerate damage, pain, and chronic conditions, leading to faster and more deteriorating challenges later on.

Sleep Apnea

TMJ Disorder is usually caused by a misaligned bite, and over time, this can compromise your airway, which leads to sleep apnea.  This results in less oxygen getting to your brain, leading to poor sleep, brain fog, and headaches.  But even more alarming when it comes to this is the increased risk of other health problems including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Depression

Overall Life Impact

Untreated TMJ Disorder and its related consequences leads to mood alteration, depression, chronic anxiety, and ca have significant impact on the quality of your life.  Many TMD patients are misdiagnosed or not properly treated due to lack of knowledge and training as well as understanding by healthcare professionals.  Many people seek medical advice only to be sent from doctor to doctor, specialist, pain clinic, alternative medicine, and simply be given prescription medication to manage their chronic pain.

But TMD can be treated.  If you are ready for a solution that is unique and customized and can help you treat and eliminate your TMD symptoms for life, call us for a consultation.

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