You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup – Kelly’s Story

5 Oct
Empty-Cup-3 | Dr agatha bis

This is the third blog in the series You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Kelly’s husband is the one who made the initial appointment.  She wanted to but she was hiding in her closet, her migraine so bad that any light would put her over the top.  Occasionally she would vomit when the pain got so bad, but lately, as long as she stayed in her closet, she could manage it “just fine”.  Her kids were adults now but she missed much of them growing up.  As much as she could, she gave of herself, but in the end, she didn’t take want to spend the limited money they had so she stayed silent and hidden in the closet.  Her husband would try on many occasions.  He would tell her to get help; though he didn’t know where.  Their doctor had her on medication but it didn’t do much to curb the migraines, and over the last 23 years, she chose the closet over the meds since it seemed to work better.  But she missed out.  She missed out on her son’s graduation and missed her daughter’s first date.  And she missed her wedding anniversary.  She spent them hiding in the closet.

Her husband heard about what we do.  His co-worker had come to see me to treat his migraines and as they talked about what he had gone through, it seemed like a natural thing to do.  He called my office the next morning and basically said, it’s time for Kelly.  She came in on one of her good days; though apparently there weren’t many.  Diagnosing her was simple; she had all the classical signs.  The treatment took a bit longer.  About a week or so.  She was pain-free and smiling the next time she came in to see me for an adjustment and ready to proceed with the permanent solution.  She was my most extreme case, I told her.  And she said I was her most extreme solution.

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