The Scoop On Dental X-Rays: What You Need To Know

9 Aug

Dental X-Rays Can Diagnose Cavities In Between Teeth

The tooth has 6 different sides, but when doing a visual dental exam, dentists can only see 3 of those sides. The frequency of x-rays depends on your risk of getting cavities. If you are cavity prone, you will likely need x-rays more frequently. It is crucial to diagnose dental related diseases early, as they are known to progress rapidly if left untreated.

Dental X-Rays Can Show Infection

A specific tooth x-ray can show infection at the tip of the root. Because cavity detecting x-rays are used to see in between the teeth, they typically do not show us right to the base of the root, thus a specific x-ray is indicated. The main causes of tooth infection are severe decay, root canal failure, and gum disease.

Dental X-Rays Can Show Cavities Under Old Fillings

Dental x-rays can prove to be extremely useful in the early diagnosis of decay under an existing filling. Over time, fillings do break down. The sooner we can diagnose and treat it, the better the prognosis of the tooth.

Dental X-Rays Can Show Bone Levels

Our teeth are held in our mouth primarily by parts of the jaw bone that surround the teeth. Over time, if gum disease is present, it can start to affect the bone that gives support to the teeth. If bone is lost, the tooth can become loose, and if left untreated, may need to be removed.

Dental X-Rays Can Show Tumors, Cysts And Wisdom Teeth

The panoramic x-ray is an x-ray we use to look for any tumors or cysts that could be embedded in your jaw and surrounding structures. The view of this x-ray is typically not specific enough to diagnose infection or cavities, but it is a great tool to evaluate TMJ disorders, wisdom teeth present, and for eruption of teeth in children.

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