Quality vs. Price in Dentistry: How Do I Decide?

3 Nov
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The Ontario Dental Association states on their website:

“Dentists are obligated to adhere to a high standard of dental care and must comply with strict statutory requirements designed to ensure the highest level of patient safety.  Dentists are responsible for the costs related to operating a dental office.  Specialized equipment, products and materials used in dental treatment, the complexity of the treatment, sterilization and safety protocols, hiring trained and licensed staff and ongoing continuing education for the dental team, practice location and other overhead costs all factor into the cost of providing dental care.  Dentists have to consider all these factors when determining their fees.  Operating costs will vary between dental offices as well as provincially.” (ODA.ca)

There a multitude of factors that impact dental costs and dental fees that patients pay and this series of blogs, Quality vs. Price in Dentistry addresses these variations, reasons, and ultimately how to choose when you need to decide where to go to get your dental work done.

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