Mercury in Dental Fillings – How to Detox: Part 2

11 Jun
Mercury Fillings

Other health problems associated with mercury?

Dr. Robert Nash, a practicing neurologist and the Chairman of the American Board of Metal Toxicology, after reviewing mercury-associated diseases and their mechanisms, suggests that the toxic effects of this toxic chemical spread across a broad spectrum of diseases including autism, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuro-developmental diseases, nephrotoxicity, and cancer. 

The way mercury causes toxicity in the adult brain may be related to the proteins involved in its excretion, including glutathione.  It depletes glutathione and ascorbate (vitamin C), and inhibits thiamine (B1) and pyridoxine (B6). 

The central nervous system is affected when mercury concentrates in the spinal fluid and the kidneys.  It also inhibits nerve growth and easily passes through the placental barrier from mother to fetus.  It can also reduce nerve function and communication – common features in Alzheimer’s.

Symptoms caused by Mercury

Mercury displaces minerals, which causes a deficiency of those minerals.  The symptoms related to a deficiency of those minerals are:

Iodine – thyroid dysfunction

Magnesium – irregular heartbeat, receding gums

Iron – anemia

Zinc – anorexia, loss of taste and smell, loss of appetite, low libido, PMS

Copper – anemia, thyroid dysfunction, impaired digestion

Looking to remove amalgam fillings?

See Part 3 of this blog to find out how to detox and learn more about this issue.

Dr. Bis provides holistic dental services in Oakville.  Dr. Bis uses extreme care in removing amalgam fillings from patients’ mouths and alleviate related health issues such as thyroid disease.  To schedule a consultation to discuss amalgam removal, call our office at 905-338-6684 or click here to contact us.


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