How to Heal a Tooth Cavity

3 Apr

First of all, what is a tooth cavity?  It is a hole in a tooth that has been destroyed by bacteria. A cavity can be small, or giant, and destroy your tooth.  So if you have a small cavity and don’t do anything about it,  it grows!!! Yikes

How to Heal a Tooth Cavity

If you have fillings, bacteria can leak in around the filling, or through cracks and get BELOW the filling and cause lots of decay.

The internet is full of home remedies.  Lots and lots of advice that claims to heal a cavity or reverse it.  And these are all great things to help keep you healthy and prevent cavities. 


Home Remedies to Heal your Tooth Cavity

But the problem is these sites show you before-after pictures where the cavity has healed itself and became healthy tooth again.  But think about it.  Really think about it…

Take an apple, for example.  A partially decayed apple.  Would you expect an apple to heal itself?  Would you expect the apple to re-grow healthy apple structure where it’s decayed? 

Decay is decay.  A cavity is decayed tooth structure.  A decayed apple cannot grow healthy apple back.  A house that’s decayed cannot grow new house back.  Neither can a tooth. 

Decay Needs to be Removed and Restored

Once something is decayed, it must be cleaned out and restored.  Rebuilt.  With new materials.

If a tooth is decayed, that decay needs to be cleaned out and removed, and a new something must be brought in to rebuild.  And that something is a filling or an onlay or a crown.  And that’s what many of those videos fail to tell you about.  

Now living a more holistic lifestyle is very important.  But it works as prevention, keeping you healthy. 

But once disease kicks in, decay occurs, it’s time to call your dentist. 


Call the Dentist

Because if you wait, if you try and “heal” your tooth yourself, a year or two later, that cavity will grow into a root canal or a painful abscess and cause tooth loss, bone loss, and infection. 

So if you are told you have a cavity, reduce sugar, reduce acid, eat healthier food, try oil pulling if you have the patience, but please call your dentist to fix your cavity while it’s still small.  Don’t let it get massive and result in abcess, root canal or extraction. 

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