How Often Should I See My Dentist?

3 Jul


How often should you see your Oakville Dentist?

Most common question EVER!!! 🙂
And the answer is……..
As often as we tell you.  Haha

Listen, I know that some of you think, every 3 months or every 4 months is too often!!! Or maybe even 6 months is too frequent for many of you. But the truth is, if you have gum disease, and YES, it’s a real disease, the longer you go between treatments, well, it’s like any other disease. It gets worse.

Don’t wait too long to see your Oakville Dentist

And the worst part about going too long is that this type of disease is totally treatable and preventable IF you deal with it early and keep up your cleaning appointments.

Gums are like what?

I mean think about it, gums are kind of like cuticles. If you go to touch your cuticle, does it bleed? Does pus come out? Is your cuticle nice and skin coloured or is it red, swollen and puffy??? Well, your gums are the same. If they bleed when we touch them, or if they are red, swollen and pussy, it’s time to get real and get this treated.  And the only way to get this treated is to see your dentist and have us remove the tartar that’s causing it.

Your body is connected

Plus remember, your body is connected. So bacteria, pus, things that make you bleed, well they travel through your body and go to your heart, liver, kidneys.  And for many of you who already have heart disease, or diabetes, or liver or kidney issues, it’s not worth the risk, if you ask me.


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