Holistic Dentistry – Safely Removing Mercury

13 Apr

From heart disease, to osteoporosis, to emotional instability, mercury fillings have been on the radar for holistic dentists for over a decade. You have read about the negative health effects of mercury, and now you have decided to replace your mercury fillings with something safer. But how do you know the mercury is being removed and disposed of safely? We have your best interest in mind. Check out some of the reasons below on how our office provides a safe environment for toxic mercury removal.

How do I know when I should have my mercury fillings replaced?

  • Health Risks: Mercury fillings can usually be replaced at any time, especially if you are concerned about the possible health effects
  • Decay: Mercury fillings tend to break down around the margins due to leakage (where the filling meets the tooth) creating an excellent spot for bacteria to fester and create decay
  • Appearance: Aside from decay, mercury fillings are also not aesthetically pleasing, so if the appearance bothers you, it may be time to switch them up.
  • Fractures: Mercury fillings contribute to extensive cracks and tooth fractures which can sometimes lead to tooth loss due to infection or break

How are mercury fillings safely removed?

Holistic dentistry believes that all mercury fillings have the potential to emit toxic fumes and remnants into the mouth and the rest of the body. There are also specific protocols that we use at our office to eliminate the dangers of mercury.

  • Holistic dentistry uses protective barriers, as well as a rubber dam with a saliva ejector when removing mercury fillings to prevent mercury from being swallowed or inhaled
  • Holistic dentistry installs an amalgam separator, to filter out pieces of mercury filling and prevent them from ending up in our water supply
  • Holistic dentistry prevents extreme heat from mercury filling removal by spraying a constant stream of water to lower the temperature
  • Holistic dentistry believes in replacing toxic mercury fillings with a non-toxic alternative, such as porcelain

A warning to everyone:

Mercury tends to attack people’s genetic “weak link,” which means mercury poisoning symptoms may range from a small rash, to neurological and immune issues. This is particularly dangerous for expecting mothers, as the mercury can travel through the placenta and affect the baby even before it is born. It’s time to stop ignoring the facts and start acting on them.

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