7 Ways to Detox Your Mouth: a Holistic Dentistry Approach

16 Feb

Holistic Dentistry Approach to a Healthy Mouth

Many of our patients ask us about detox and how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Most people know which foods are healthy, what activities lead to better health, and how to take care of their teeth and gums.  But did you know that there are some key things you can do to help create a healthier mouth, which in turn leads to a healthier body?

Holistic Dentistry vs Regular Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry and regular dentistry may have many things in common, but there are some key differences.  One of the most common examples is the topic of mercury fillings.  Holistic dentists do NOT use mercury fillings and frequently recommend the removal of any existing mercury fillings when already present.  Mercury has been linked to cancer, autoimmune diseases and many other adverse reactions.

Another common example is the use of chloroform in a regular dental office to clean root canals during root canal therapy.  Chloroform can cause depression of the nervous system along with kidney and liver failure.  A holistic dentist refrains from using chloroform in their office.

A more subtle example of holistic dentistry is the discussion about what type of toothpaste to use.  There are many natural toothpastes now available and these can replace your current choice of toothpaste.  Ask your holistic dentist for advice on what toothpaste she recommends.

How to Use Holistic Dentistry to Detox Your Mouth

  • get a waterpik – for those of you who don’t like to floss, there is an even better solution. Water picks are very effective at removing plaque, reversing gingivitis, beneficial in the treatment of periodontitis,  easy to use to clean braces, and ideal for cleaning of crowns, bridges, and around implants.
  • follow the recommendations from the Seven Screenings – our Seven Screenings provided at each hygiene visit is a system we have incorporated so we can help measure, score, and create individualized recommendations to our patients so that you can achieve optimal results from your visit to our office as well as your daily home care
  • switch to more natural products for your oral care – there are many natural products available that can be used in place of your traditional items, i.e., toothpaste
  • Use a tongue scraper – the fastest and easiest way to get those bad bugs out of your mouth is with a tongue scraper. Tongue scraping cleans bacterial build-up, food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue.
  • drink green tea – drinking green tea not only protects against radiation, boosts your mineralization and helps you to lose weight, but it can improve your oral health as well. Research has found that the frequent consumption of green tea may help promote healthy teeth and gums, reducing periodontal disease. It is believed that green tea’s mode of action is through its high levels of the antioxidant, catechin. Previous studies have demonstrated catechin’s ability to reduce inflammation in the body, as well as the indicators of periodontal disease, thereby reducing bad bacteria in the mouth.
  • remove mercury fillings – if you still have mercury fillings in your mouth, ask your holistic dentist about alternatives
  • detox your body – there are many types of detox programs out there, but they all have one thing in common: getting your body to rid itself of toxins. Whether it’s a juice detox, or an elimination diet, or simply taking supplements that help rid the body of toxins, the end result is to help you improve digestion, increase nutrients and improve the way your body heals itself.  Remember that your mouth and your body are connected so the more healthy your body is, the more healthy your mouth becomes; and vice versa.

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