Healthy Gums for a Healthy Body

3 Mar

You have always been told to eat well and exercise if you want to achieve an overall good health. While this is true, in addition to eating well and being active, having good healthy gums and teeth is a factor that is often underestimated.

Why It’s Important To Have Healthy Gums

Our mouths are full of bacteria – good and bad. The over 500 kinds of bad bacteria in our mouths is linked to diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease. There have been numerous studies conducted to show that periodontitis (the severe form of gum and bone disease) can be linked to health problems such as stroke, cardiovascular disease and pneumonia. If pregnant women have periodontitis, it can lead to low birth-weight or premature babies. Not to mention, infections of the gums and teeth due to dental decay or gum disease can become systemic infections if left alone, which can lead to hospitalization, and in some cases – death.

Healthy Gums and Systemic Diseases

Did you know that having a current or previous disease such as diabetes, blood cell disorders or history of heart attack or stroke can increase your risk of gum diseases? Some studies actually show that having gum disease can make it very difficult for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar.

The Big Picture

We have to be aware of the fact that our mouths are connected to the rest of our bodies. Just because teeth and gums do not “hurt,” does not mean they are healthy. Many teeth or gum infections can go unnoticed. Protecting your teeth and maintaining healthy gums by visiting your dentist regularly is equally as important as visiting your doctor for routine check-ups.

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