You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup – Elizabeth’s Story

25 Jan
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This article is part of the series You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup.

I have a favourite spot in the house where I like to sit and drink my coffee in the early morning before the rest of the world wakes up.  I usually use that silent time, and that peaceful spot, to do the things we always put off to “later”.  Like reading a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time, or writing a new article that’s been sitting on the back-burner, or simply catching up with my thoughts.  But this one morning, I opened my email, which I normally never do when I am in my “spot”.

An email floated through space to my laptop from a man I will call Fred for this article.  Fred and his love, Elizabeth, were on a journey together.  But not the kind of journey most people think of.  This wasn’t a trip to the Caribbean or some distant remote island they wanted to discover; it was a journey to health, vitality, and reaching new levels of energy.  And for a brief time, I was lucky to be included in that journey.

Elizabeth came to my office looking to restore her mouth to health.  She already had a beautiful smile, so we didn’t talk about that.  She already had the right outlook and understanding, so we didn’t need to focus on the details of what needed to be done.  She was ready… to fix, to re-build, and to reach optimal health so we simply had to begin.

Dentistry is so often challenging because we, as dentists, have to find a way to help our patients understand the consequences of doing something or NOT doing something long-term. And when there is no pain associated with an issue, it often becomes difficult to express and convey the urgency of treating vs waiting for things to get worse.  But for Elizabeth, she already had that knowledge.  And Fred already wanted to help her reach her destination.  So they floated into my life, and my office and the results were amazing.

“Wanted to say also that because of Elizabeth’s new vibration due to the fact of how she’s feeling with her new healthy mouth, she’s been growing and healing things from her past and feeling better and better in every area of her life.

You have provided her a huge stepping stone in which she can feel Empowered, and leap forward.

Life is amazing and finding you, I’m sure it was the work of the angels that guide our lives.

Thank you Agatha.

Love and Gratitude

Light and Love


Sometimes, you just have to decide to begin.

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