Don’t Waste Your Time With Bonding

5 Feb
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Veneers are the long term option instead of Bonding

Bonding and veneers are popular cosmetic procedures used to correct damaged, discoloured or misshapen teeth. A lot of people think that bonding and veneers are essentially the same thing. Many people come into our office asking for bonding because they have convinced themselves that it is the better option, mainly because of the cost. Bonding can be significantly less expensive than veneers, especially if the patient has only a few chips or minimal damage to repair. But these patients haven’t done their research or are ignoring the pitfalls. We almost never recommend bonding to my patients because we know, in the long run, it will cost them much more in time and money.

Focus on the destination

Here’s the thing about bonding – when it’s done correctly, taking time to get the colour and the shape just right, the results can look great. The problem is that it doesn’t last very long. In fact, we tell our patients that bonding is simply the first stop on what could be a very long road to veneers. You can take the direct route, or you can take long and winding scenic one, but both end up in the same place – with you getting a full or partial set of dental veneers.

No looking back when you choose Bonding

Bonding is a multi-step procedure in which the tooth must first be prepared to make room for the bonding material, and also to provide a porous surface to which the bonding material can stick. This is accomplished by grinding down some of the tooth’s enamel, and it’s permanent. So once you’ve had the prep work done, there’s no going back to a situation where you don’t have either bonding or veneers, covering the tooth.

You’ve got a little something in your teeth

Bonding materials used to cover the prepped tooth are usually acrylic which is prone to discolouration and can chip and break. Also, these materials tend to lose their lustre over time so that eventually the bonded area no longer looks shiny, like the rest of your teeth. Sometimes the difference is so striking that the bonding simply looks like something is stuck to your tooth. That’s when the problems begin. Dig in because you are in for many more trips to the dentist to have the bonding repaired. Soon enough, the time and expense won’t be worth it and you’ll still end up needing veneers to permanently cover the whole tooth.

Try these on for size

Another downside to bonding is the impact it can have on your speech. Anything that is done to the front teeth—making them longer, shorter, wider, filling in gaps, etc—will affect your speech. Some dentists make the mistake of doing bonding without considering how it will affect speech. Afterward, you may end up with a lisp or unable to pronounce certain words. Often patients adjust, but depending on the degree of change, your speech problems could be long-lasting. However, before permanently placing veneers, a temporary set is made so that you can get a feel for the final result, and your cosmetic dentist can make any refinements to prevent speech impediments before the permanent veneers are bonded in.

So the bottom line is that it isn’t the quick and inexpensive solution that many people think it is. Your teeth may look great now, but a few years later when the bonding is damaged and discoloured you’ll be back in the chair again, talking about veneers. That’s not saving you any time or money.

Ultimately, bonding marries you to another procedure in the future which you probably didn’t realize you were getting yourself into. Go to a cosmetic dentist that will give you the straight goods on the real costs of cosmetic procedures and will educate you on the pitfalls as much as the benefits of any cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Agatha Bis practices with a no-nonsense approach to cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. If you are interested in a smile makeover and want to ensure you get honest advice and recommendations about veneers, bonding teeth, dental implants or teeth whitening, make an appointment at her Oakville dental clinic by calling 905.338.6684 or by submitting the form below. Learn more about Dr. Bis’ approach to holistic dental care in Oakville.

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