Dental Myths: Facts or Fads?

6 Apr

We are always getting questions on the legitimacy of certain new “fads” that involve teeth. While some of these new trends can have SOME form of truth to them, sometimes they can do some serious damage.

We want to expose some of the most common ones we hear about, and make sure our patients are informed about the choice they are making for their mouths. Enjoy!

Oil Pulling


  • Proven to have antibacterial properties
  • Antioxidant
  • Lubricates tissues  and can dislodge plaque


  • Commonly, this method is being used to REPLACE brushing and flossing which is NOT in the best interest of the user. The toothbrush and floss are still the most effective in terms of bacteria and plaque removal. Replacing brushing and flossing with oil pulling can have negative effects on your oral hygiene! So think twice before you throw out the brush and floss!

Banana Peel Whitening


  • High amounts of potassium, magnesium and manganese are said to have stain-fighting abilities
  • All natural


  • Bananas are high in sugar, so by exposing your teeth directly to the sugar, you are increasing your risk of cavities
  • Most clinical trials we researched have debunked this fad as the results did not show a significant shade difference

Swishing With Hydrogen peroxide For Teeth Whitening


  • Supposed to help lighten the teeth by removing stain


  • EXTREMELY toxic if swallowed
  • Can dry out the gum tissues and cause mouth to be extremely dry
  • Can sting tissues if swished

Always remember to do your research when you hear of new fads, especially the ones that involve your health. Have you heard of any other dental fads that you want us to talk about? Let us know and you might see it in a new blog!

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