Cosmetic Consultation- What to Expect

27 May
Cosmetic Consultation- What to Expect | Dr. Agatha Bis Oakville Cosmetic Dentist

In this blog, we’ll cover what to expect at a cosmetic consultation and how to make the most of it. But first, let’s reiterate that cosmetic dentistry is different than family dentistry. It’s only through post-graduate training that a dentist can hone the skills necessary to deliver high quality and beautiful cosmetic dentistry results. For more information, read our blog about the top 3 reasons to visit a cosmetic dentist

Specialized cosmetic training focuses on client care, techniques and materials specific to cosmetic procedures, and most importantly, the principles of proportion, symmetry, and balance as they relate to the mouth and face.

Many dentists offer cosmetic services; not all have additional training. If you want a great smile, it’s worth researching to find a qualified cosmetic dental office, like us

About the Cosmetic Consultation

A consultation is a discussion. It is NOT a full exam. The purpose of this meeting is to have a conversation about what you are looking for and to make sure that our office can deliver. Some cases are not the right fit, and this is the best time to find that out. We talk about specific concerns and establish possible solutions that fit within your expectations and beliefs while considering any health concerns.

The more information shared up front, the better! At this meeting, it’s helpful to know:

  • What you don’t like about the existing condition of your teeth, smile, and facial appearance
  • Examples of how you would like your smile to look
  • Examples of what you don’t want your smile to look
  • Expectations about techniques and type of materials
  • Concerns about techniques and procedures
  • Expectations about time and cost
  • What success looks like to you

Cosmetic Consultation for Full Smile Restoration and Partial Smile Restoration

You may have heard this terminology before and it will likely come up during your cosmetic consultation. Dental restoration refers to the process of returning a tooth or teeth to its former condition (or better). Full or partial refers to the scale of the dental restoration.

People who are unhappy with the look of their entire smile may consider a full smile restoration to correct:

  • Crowding and misaligned teeth
  • Worn teeth from ageing, tooth grinding, nail biting
  • Broken or damaged teeth
  • Slowly restored teeth that look ugly or use old materials
  • “Reverse smile” or a grumpy look because of the shape of your teeth
  • Tetracycline staining

People who are unhappy with the look of one or two teeth might consider a partial smile restoration to correct:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • A couple of misaligned teeth
  • Old restorations

Good Cosmetic Dentistry vs Bad Cosmetic Dentistry

Below is an example of poor execution compared to good execution. Issues in the poor execution example include a lack of symmetry, inconsistent and overall yellow colour, disproportionate tooth size and shape, and visible metal at the gumline. The example of the right considers the overall proportion and symmetry of each tooth and demonstrates great colour matching.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before After

Full Cosmetic Exam

If, after the consultation, you are happy with our office and would like to become an active patient, we then bring you back for an exam with digital X-Rays and other diagnostic tools to establish a proper diagnosis of your particular situation. This exam will form the final treatment plan that best suits your individual needs.    

If you have questions about your smile, smile restorations, or cosmetic dentistry, call 905-338-6684 or fill out the form below to get in touch with Oakville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Agatha Bis.

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