Braces without Surgery

20 Feb

Sometimes, patients are told they need surgery to correct alignment and bite issues. In some cases this is true, but not all positioning problems require surgery or extractions. We’ve helped to correct jaw and teeth alignment in many patients without surgery.

Claire’s story

A dentist advised Claire and her parents that she would need surgery to correct her lower jaw and align her teeth properly. Claire was experiencing lockjaw, lower jaw pain, and felt shy about the appearance of her teeth. Claire’s parents were not comfortable with a surgical approach and came to our office for a second opinion.

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Correcting tooth and jaw positioning 

Braces are a standard solution to correct dental problems that involve crowding, rotations, misaligned teeth, and poor tooth positioning. In situations like Claire’s, orthodontists or dentists advise parents that to correct their children’s teeth positioning problems with braces, the child first needs tooth extractions or surgery or both.  Quickly, treatment with braces becomes a much more significant and invasive undertaking.

Braces without surgery or extractions

Claire came to our office for a second opinion after being told that she would need surgery to correct her lower jaw and align her teeth properly.  And surgery was, in fact, a good option for Claire. Surgery would solve the discrepancy between her upper and lower jaw and result in a much more aesthetic and pleasing profile.

Claire’s parents, however, wanted a different approach. They weren’t comfortable with surgery as a solution. We discussed an alternative treatment plan that did NOT include surgery, and instead, involved braces and retainer-type appliances to help gently move Claire’s jaw into proper position.

The process took almost two years but Claire was delighted with the results, and her parents were even happier not to have done the surgery.  Claire’s confidence sky-rocketed and all issues related to her jaw disappeared after she had completed the treatment.

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There are times when surgery or extractions are the only way to correct dental positioning problems but for another opinion, orthodontic questions, or options, get in touch with Oakville holistic dentist Dr. Agatha Bis by calling 905-338-6684 or filling out the form below. 

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