Best Candy For Your Teeth

19 Feb

The chewiness, the sweetness and the sugary-rush! Many of us truly enjoy the taste of CANDY! We know it’s not good for us in large amounts, and we certainly know the negative effects it has on our pearly whites. What we want to know: are there any types of candy that are better for your teeth than others? Sit back and read – we’ve done the research for you!

The Good:

  • Anything virtually sugar-free (we know…BORING). Things like sugar free lollipops and gum are the best for your teeth as they do not provide food to hungry bacteria to feed on inside your mouth.
  • Dark chocolate (70% or higher) has been known to contain less sugar, and thus can be better for your teeth. Dark chocolate in small amounts also has lots of antioxidants which can lower your heart rate and improve heart health.

 The Bad:

  • Soft sweets such as candy corn, pastries and milk chocolate are loaded with sugar and can contribute to cavity formation. The best things you can do are: eat sweets in moderation, eat them with other meals, and make sure to brush your teeth after you enjoy those treats!

The Ugly:

  • Gummies, taffy or even dried fruit can be the WORST for your teeth due to the stickiness of it. Even worse – SOUR gummies. The high acidity of the sour candies can promote frequent acid attacks and damage your tooth enamel. Even after brushing, remnants of the candy and acid can stay in your mouth for hours before saliva can wash it away. CAUTION: You should wait AT LEAST 30 minutes before brushing your teeth in order to prevent grinding the acid into your teeth. After 30 minutes, the acid attack has subsided and it is easier on your enamel to brush your teeth.

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