5 Questions Your Holistic Dentist Will Ask

15 May

Are you ready for your first holistic dental appointment? When you visit a holistic dentist for the first time it will likely feel a bit different than other medical appointments you’ve had. For starters, we will discuss your questions, share your concerns, learn about holistic dentistry, and participate in an in-depth assessment.

To help you prepare for your first visit, we’ve put together a list of the five questions you will be asked at your first appointment and why they matter.

What are you looking for from your holistic dentist?

The answer to this question will help set expectations for the relationship. Don’t be afraid to be specific. The more upfront you are the more likely your needs will be met.

Here are a few examples of why people seek out the help of a holistic dentist:

  • To be treated by someone who understands the mouth-body connection
  • To be treated by someone who is educated in natural healing methods and supplementation
  • A safe space where you will not feel judged for your beliefs, or if you want to avoid certain treatments or materials
  • Use of specific dental materials (Ex. fluoride free, BPA free, mercury free)
  • Removal of mercury fillings in a safe way (Many non-holistic dentists don’t practice this)
  • To be listened to
  • To not be told what to do

Why did you leave your last dentist?

Most people leave their dentist for one of two reasons. The first is geographical; they moved, and now the dentist is too far. The second reason is that something went wrong.

The purpose of this question is to understand what went wrong to avoid it from happening again. Reasons for discontent can be a personality mismatch, poor communication, or unsatisfactory results from treatment. Whatever the case, this question is intended to remind you what was important in deciding to change dentists. Be sure to say what type of care you want, and what kind of care you do not want.

From our perspective, knowing patient expectations and concerns upfront helps our team deliver excellent service. When a patient feels listened to, cared for, and appreciated, it makes it much easier to have an open dialogue about treatment options and care which leads to better oral health and overall health in the long run.  

What type of dental services or treatments are you not willing to have?

There are some dental treatments that patients want to avoid. Letting your dentist know about your preferences and beliefs ahead of treatment will ensure that your perspective is considered when making recommendations.

Some common treatments holistic patients avoid are:

We make sure to discuss the pros and cons related to each of the above items so that the patient can decide what is right for them.

Do you have a preference for specific types of dental restorative materials?

It’s normal for patients to have a preference about what gets used in their mouth. Holistic dentists offer holistic materials like porcelain, BPA-free resin, and fluoride-free resin. For more information about dental materials, read our Holistic Material in Dentistry Blog.

Is there anything we need to know about you and your beliefs when it comes to health and well-being to provide you with your optimal dental care?

Often saved for the end, this question encourages an open forum to talk about anything you may have been hesitant to share before. There are no wrong questions.

The primary goal of a holistic dentist is to work with you to make sure that your mouth is healthy and that in turn will lead to better overall body health. Open and honest communication is viewed as an essential tool in holistic dentistry to ensure quality care.

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