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Dr. Agatha Bis - veneers and smile makeovers

Veneers and Smile Makeovers

Have you ever considered improving your smile?

Are you unsatisfied with stubborn staining, gaps or spaces, or teeth that just aren’t white, or straight enough?

Introducing veneers – thin, custom-made, porcelain coverings that cover the front and sides of your tooth, just like an artificial fingernail.

Veneers are more conservative than crowns, removing only tooth structure that is needed to bond the veneer on your natural tooth.

While they are very thin, they are actually very durable.

Why You Should Consider Veneers

Veneers can be a beautiful, durable alternative to fillings, braces, or whitening.

They quick and easy solution to change the shape, shade, and/or position of your front teeth and improve the overall appearance of your teeth.

Since they are very thin, they are considered one of the most conservative cosmetic treatments available.

Stop waiting on the chance to improve your life – ask us about veneers today.

How You Benefit

We all know the value of having beautiful teeth. You look better, you feel better, you appear more confident, and most importantly, your emotional and mental health will improve.

Veneers are an excellent cosmetic alternative for a variety of dental abnormalities of the front teeth. They can be used to improve spaces between the front teeth, broken, chipped, or worn down teeth, internal staining such as tetracycline, or tooth rotations/crowding.

We can provide amazing results without compromising too much tooth structure.

Will My New Smile Look Natural?

The best part about veneers is that you can customize them to look exactly how you want.

A healthy, “natural” look can certainly be achieved. Having said that, you can make your new smile as white and bright as you want.

We always choose the shade together to make sure you are going to love your new smile.

Dr. Bis provides cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, having gained experience directly from the dentist on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” to give people beautiful, healthy smiles.

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