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Tooth Fillings Explained

The purpose of a tooth filling, regardless of type, is restore teeth damaged by decay back to their normal function, while helping prevent further decay.

When a cavity is found, a number of factors are considered when deciding which type of filling material is best for you, including the extent of the damage, position within your mouth and mouth function.

Composite fillings are becoming increasingly popular for their natural look and health benefits.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Composite Fillings

Benefits of Composite Fillings

While there are multiple options for fillings, including gold; porcelain; and silverĀ amalgam; composite fillings offer patients a more natural filler with a unique set of benefits, including:

  • As as a sealant to prevent further decay
  • Less toxic choice than silver amalgam
  • Easily repaired with the simple addition of more composite material
  • Natural colouring blends seamlessly with your own teeth

Drawbacks of Composite Fillings

The key drawback to composite fillings is their lack of strength. As composite fillings are made of plastic, they are less durable than some of the metal blends, especially when used for the stronger back teeth where bite force is most powerful.

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