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The Dr. Agatha Bis Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team is your primary source for dental information at your fingertips. As such, we have provided a wealth of articles on the services we offer plus valuable advice on how to maximize your dental care proactively and following any dental procedure.

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Dental Hygiene at Home

A proactive and preventive approach to dental care starts at home. Learn how to create good oral care habits, like brushing and flossing regularly, choosing nutritious foods, and taking care of your overall health.

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Dental hygiene at home - Dr. Agatha Bis, Oakville dentist
Types of dental treatments - Dr. Agatha Bis, Oakville dentist

Types of Dental Treatment

Dr. Agatha Bis is a holistic-inspired Oakville dentist providing a variety of dental services ranging from general family dentistry to more complex dental needs such as cosmetic reconstructions, orthodontics, Botox injections for migraine treatments, and sleep apnea treatments.

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Post-operative Instructions

Diligent and proper care following any dental treatment or procedure is critical to the success of the treatment and ultimate health of your teeth. Dr. Bis will always provide detailed after-care instructions and you are encouraged to follow them to prevent permanent damage to your teeth.

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Post-operative Care - Dr. Agatha Bis, Oakville dentist
Neuromuscular Dentistry - Dr. Agatha Bis, Oakville dentist

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is an advanced form of dentistry that addresses misalignments and dysfunctions of the TMJ Temporomandibular Joint and its surrounding muscles and tissues. Patients specifically complaining of frequent migraines and TMJ pain can benefit from this form of dentistry.

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