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Orthodontics is used in treating patients whose teeth are misaligned and often contributing to an improper bite.

Options for orthodontics can include appliances, braces, and invisible aligners.

Orthodontics can be very confusing and thus at our office, we will go through a detailed consultation with you to discuss all your questions.

There are many different ways to achieve the smile you want. For instance, to improve your smile from over crowding, one dentist might suggest removing some teeth before straightening the entire smile, and another dentist might suggest the use of a retainer first to gently move specific teeth into place and thus make room for all teeth over time.

Another example, if you have a retruded chin, one dentist might suggest surgery to move the lower jaw forward, and another dentist may suggest to slowly guide it into the correct position using an appliance.

There are different approaches and different solutions depending on many variables.  We make sure to review your orthodontics options with you so that you are well informed and can make the decision that is best suited to your needs and wants.

How You Benefit from Orthodontics

Most people say teeth and someone’s smile are the first thing they notice on others and themselves.  An improved smile through the use of orthodontics can boost your confidence while also providing your mouth and body with additional benefits such as, reducing plaque, reducing tartar buildup, and reducing bacteria accumulation, thus giving you healthy gums that will contribute to an overall healthier body.

When Should You Consider Orthodontics

Any age is a good age to use orthodontics, however, the earlier in life someone seeks orthodontics as a means to improve their teeth alignment, the better off they are, with preference given to before the age of 7. By 7 years old, we typically can gauge tooth positioning, spacing, and other factors that will dictate whether orthodontics is necessary. As a general statement, we believe in a “no-extraction” philosophy, and thus suggest children are assessed by the age of 7 years old to avoid surgery in the future.

How Orthodontics Can Help You

Orthodontics can be life-changing. Combined with a holistic approach to dentistry, our orthodontics treatments can be good for the health of your gums, underlying bone structure, and even your entire body.

In addition to the health aspect of orthodontics treatments, we also strive to make braces and invisible aligners fun for children in particular. Our ‘Bis’ kids love visiting us monthly to take part in contests, to change their coloured elastics, and eventually to receive their candy baskets at the end of treatment. Child or adult, it is never too late to improve your self-confidence, or to give yourself the gift of health.

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