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About Orthodontics

You may be a candidate for orthodontics if your teeth or jaw are misaligned, contributing to an improper bite.

An orthodontic consultation with Dr. Bis will help you understand what orthodontic treatment options are available, (like appliances, braces, or invisible aligners), timelines associated with each method, and the cost.

Many ways to achieve the smile you want

There are more treatment options than ever, and Dr. Bis will ensure you make the right choice for you and/or your child.

Crooked or Overlapping Teeth

Techniques to straighten a smile and address correct crooked or overlapping issues, can include many options. It’s important to discuss your individual needs.

Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw usually leads to either an over or an underbite that can eventually cause misalignment and future issues. There are a number of options available to correct a misaligned jaw.

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What is the best age for braces?

Any age is appropriate to optimize your smile. The earlier you start, the easier it is to transition teeth back to straight.

By seven years old, we typically can gauge tooth positioning, spacing, and other factors that will dictate whether orthodontics is necessary.

In addition to the health aspect of orthodontics treatments, we strive to make braces and invisible aligners fun for children. Kids have the option to take part in monthly contests and choose from a large assortment of coloured elastics.

Dr Agatha Bis holistic dentistry
Dr Agatha Bis holistic dentistry

Adult Braces

The number of adults looking to orthodontics is increased due to recent advances, such as the Invisalign brand, which has taken away the stigma of corrective hardware for adults.

“Making the decision to get orthodontics as an adult didn’t come easy, but was a decision that I’m glad I made. With the help of Dr. Agatha Bis and her team, I now have a smile that I’m proud to show off.”

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