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The Impact Mercury Fillings have on Your Health

Mercury fillings have been commonly used among dental professionals for decades to fix cavity-infected teeth. However, more recent studies have shown that there are dangerous health side-effects associated with amalgam, or as they are more commonly known, mercury fillings. Some studies suggest mercury fillings emit mercury vapour into the mouth during chewing, talking, clenching or grinding — all common health concerns.

Some health risks associated with mercury fillings are arthritis, asthma, autism, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, hormonal dysfunction, intestinal dysfunction, immune system disorders, kidney disease, learning disorders, liver disorders and thyroid disease amongst others.

As a consumer, it is crucial that you conduct your own research to determine your risk of suffering from diseases associated with mercury fillings absorption and inhalation. We promise to continue to stay current with new research and to keep you informed.

Exposure to Mercury Vapour

Mercury fillings leak mercury constantly, and that can increase with chewing, grinding, clenching, saliva.  If you have mercury fillings, you are constantly exposed to mercury vapour. This video by David Kennedy DDS shows mercury gas released from a filling under different circumstances and discusses studies that show mercury exposure. If you have mercury fillings and you are concerned about your exposure, get in touch with Dr. Bis.

Click here to watch the Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas video.

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Are You a Candidate for Mercury Filling Replacements?

Do you have mercury fillings? If you are unsure about the materials previously used in your dental care, we can absolutely help. If we do find that you have mercury fillings, we can discuss your replacement options.

You may be a candidate for mercury fillings replacement if:

  1. You choose to have your mercury fillings replaced
  2. You feel any kind of sensitivity or pain on your old fillings
  3. You are dissatisfied with the silver appearance of the mercury fillings
  4. You are concerned with the health risks associated with having mercury in your mouth
  5. You notice holes, cracks or discolouration of your fillings
  6. Your dental professional has suggested you replace your old fillings
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