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Mercury Filling Replacement

Recent studies have shown the dangerous health effects associated with amalgam 0r more commonly known, mercury fillings.

Mercury fillings have been commonly used among dental professionals for decades to fix cavity-infected teeth.

Although once deemed “safe,” through recent research at the time, an increasing amount of studies have surfaced to show the potential danger of mercury fillings.

As a consumer, it is crucial that you conduct your own research to determine your risk of suffering from diseases associated with mercury fillings absorption and inhalation.

We hope that by keeping current with new research, we can keep our valued patients and their families informed, but most importantly, safe.

Why You Should Have Your Mercury Fillings Replaced

Through research, we now know that mercury fillings can cause many health implications.

Some studies suggest mercury fillings emit a certain percentage of vapour into the mouth during chewing, talking, clenching or grinding.

Some health risks associated with mercury fillings are arthritis, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, autism, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, depression, diabetes, eczema, emphysema, fibromyalgia, hormonal dysfunction, intestinal dysfunction, immune system disorders, kidney disease, learning disorders, liver disorders, lupus, metabolic encephalopathy, multiple sclerosis, senile dementia and/or thyroid disease.

Keep your entire body healthy and have us assess your mercury fillings.

Are You a Candidate for Mercury Fillings Replacement?

You may be a candidate for mercury fillings replacement if:

  1. You are feeling any kind of sensitivity or pain on your old fillings
  2. You are dissatisfied with the appearance of the silver fillings
  3. You are concerned with the health risks associated with having mercury in your mouth
  4. You notice holes, cracks or discolouration of your fillings
  5. Your dental professional has suggested you replace your old fillings
  6. You choose to have your mercury fillings replaced

How Mercury Fillings Are Replaced

Mercury fillings removal is a very easy procedure.

With the combination of a rubber dam to protect you from swallowing mercury, large bursts of water during removal combined with a high-evacuation suction to prevent mercury vapour, and non-toxic replacement options – there has never been a better time to replace your mercury fillings.

Depending on the size of the mercury fillings, it may be replaced with a filling, an inlay or onlay, or a crown.

We will likely require a recent X-ray and clinical exam to give you an exact diagnosis.

If you hate the look of your mercury fillings and you want to live a healthier lifestyle by removing toxic materials from your mouth, contact us today.

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