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Dr Agatha Bis holistic dentistry

What is Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is an entirely different approach to dentistry compared to what you may have grown up with. We look at how hormone levels, supplementation, diet and nutrition, oral health and dental treatments affect your overall emotional and physical well-being.

Holistic dentistry is grounded in the belief that your oral health has as much of an effect on your whole body as other major organs, such as the heart or liver and therefore, should be treated equally. Our team looks beyond the “problem area” and assesses underlying imbalances to restore a patient’s oral and overall health in the most natural way possible.

A treatment plan is often a combination of natural treatments with traditional dentistry to achieve results that benefit your whole self.
Our approach goes well beyond the chair and Dr. Bis takes her time to thoroughly explain all treatment options before you commit. We pride ourselves in our collaborative approach to patient care while creating the best treatment plan for you.

Discover a Natural Approach to Dentistry

Our Philosophy is Rooted in Patient Comfort

You are never a file number to us. We believe in treating each and every one of our patients based on their individual health needs. While we value a holistic approach to dentistry, we understand that not everybody recognizes the connection between oral health and an overall well-being.

We will gladly take time to talk with, and educate you, on our recommended holistic approach to dental care, but at the end of the day we always respect that your health is absolutely up to you and we’ll provide the utmost in quality care based on your own personal comfort level.

A healthy smile is our only end goal.

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Dr Agatha Bis holistic dentistry

“Understanding the impact my treatments and dental choices have on my overall health has really changed the way I approach my dental care. I really think that everyone needs to spend some time with Dr. Agatha Bis and her team to have a better understanding of the importance of holistic dentistry. Thank you Dr. Agatha Bis for keeping my whole health in mind.”

Dr Agatha Bis holistic dentistry

Our Approach to Holistic Dentistry is in the Details

The difference between traditional dentistry and holistic dentistry really comes down to the approach.

We feel that the following are the key difference makers:

  • We use biocompatible materials: Recent studies have shown the dangerous health effects associated with amalgam, or as more commonly known, mercury fillings. Our team specializes in replacing mercury fillings with non-toxic replacement options.
  • Digital X-Rays: Our use of digital x-rays reduces our patients’ exposure to radiation by as much as 80% over traditional x-ray systems.
  • Environmentally conscious: We are conscious about the materials we use with our patients and how what we do impacts the environment. We pay attention to what we put down our drains and the waste we produce and work hard to create an environmentally conscious environment inside and out.
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