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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry, also known as environmental or biological dentistry, is known for providing patients with dental care that has a positive effect on their entire body as a whole.

It is grounded on the belief that teeth have as much of a health effect on your body as other major organs, such as the heart or liver, and therefore, should be treated equally.

The primary goal is to treat your teeth while working in harmony with the entire body.

How You Benefit In Receiving Holistic Dentistry

This type of approach to dentistry is important because it takes your overall health into consideration. All your dental treatment decisions are made based on how it will affect your body as a whole.

We understand patient specific treatment recommendations may differ from person to person because no two people are exactly the same. If you want your body to function as one unit, you must treat it as such.

Dr. Bis takes her time to thoroughly explain all treatment options, and we pride ourselves in our collaborative patient-doctor effort to create the best treatment plan for you. Because this type of dentistry requires a very patient specific approach, you will never be left questioning what we have recommended for you.

Difference Between Holistic Dentistry and Regular Dentistry

There are many ways that holistic dentistry is different than regular dentistry. For example, some conventional offices will use mercury fillings to restore cavities. Did you know that mercury has been linked to cancer, autoimmune diseases and/or other adverse reactions? Another example is the use of chloroform in a standard dental office to clean root canals during root canal therapy. Chloroform can cause depression of the nervous system along with kidney and liver failure.

Holistic dentistry focuses mainly on the well-being of the patient during dental care. A holistic dentistry approach refrains from using chloroform and strictly prohibits using mercury fillings due to severe health risks.  It also takes in account any supplements you may be taking and how to work with you to optimize your overall health and well being.  We have your overall health in mind, always.

How Holistic Dentistry Affects Your Life

If you want a natural approach to dentistry for your entire family, if you are tired of endlessly searching for a dentist who understands your needs, or if you are simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Bis can help.

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