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Holistic Oakville Dentist Providing Your Optimal Dental Care

We have created thousands of happy smiles

Exceeding Your Oakville Dentist Expectations

Whether you want to create the smile of your dreams, finally get relief from migraines and other dental pain, or have a family Oakville dentist that you can trust with your dental needs, Dr. Agatha Bis and her experienced team make you the focus of their patient care.

Dr. Agatha Bis is a holistic-approach inspired Oakville dentist providing a variety of dental services ranging from general family dentistry to extensive cosmetic reconstructions.  Dr. Agatha Bis is also specially trained to do orthodontics, give botox injections, and treat sleep apnea.

Smiles By Bis Commitments To You

  • Holistic dental approach

  • Customized treatment options based on your dental requirements

  • Compassionate, friendly, and attentive staff

  • State of the art technology and equipment serving all your dental needs

  • Your comfort is our priority

We look forward to serving you.


Dr. Agatha Bis

Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating your best smile with the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry

Highly Specialized Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing most people see and notice when they meet you.

What does your smile say about you?  Does it radiate confidence in yourself or does it feel hidden?

When you smile, you give off confidence in who you are and what you stand for.

Dr. Agatha Bis is an Oakville dentist providing you with the very best and latest cosmetic dentistry creating your desired smile.

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Family Oakville Dentist

Helping you create your healthiest smile

High Quality Family Oakville Dentist Serving You And Your Family

Whether you want a beautiful new smile, relief from headaches and pain, or a dentist you can trust with yours and your family’s smiles, Dr. Agatha Bis has the specialty expertise and experience to give you what you are looking for.

You and your family’s optimal dental health care is our priority.

We cater to clients of all ages, from children to seniors.

Do you or your family members have nut or gluten allergies?
No problem in our practice!  We are a holistic nut and gluten free Oakville dentist office that takes your overall health into consideration when treating you.

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Orthodontic Dentistry

Get the smile you want

Specialized Custom Orthodontic Dentistry

Whether you are considering enhancing your smile or your child’s smile, Dr. Agatha Bis provides you with orthodontic options to get the smile you have always wanted.  From traditional braces to invisible straightening options, you are never too old to enhance your smile.

Dr. Agatha Bis’ love for orthodontic dentistry stems from wanting to treat her own daughter with braces without extracting teeth.  Dr. Agatha Bis provides orthodontic dentistry to patients with a “no extraction” philosophy, assuring your satisfaction without the need for surgical intervention.

You benefit from our attention to your individual needs and customized treatments based on your unique requirements.  We understand the importance of what a beautiful smile means to you and want to help you achieve it.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Helping you get your best sleep possible

Non-CPAP Machine Sleep Apnea Treatment

Millions of North Americans suffer from sleep apnea – a life threatening condition affecting your entire body and health.

While the main complaint is usually lack of sleep, the condition is sometimes hard to detect because it only occurs during sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, get complaints of snoring or “gasping” for air during sleep, have migraines or suffer from jaw pain, you may have sleep apnea.

You can benefit from our simple dental solutions, custom-tailored to your particular needs, that can save your life.

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What Patients Think About Smiles By Bis

Proudly serving women, men, and children

My initial introduction with Dr. Bis was just incredible. First the office is very Zen which gives you a sense of comfort. She was very welcoming, friendly and informative.

If you’re looking to get things taken care of, she will not only educate on her findings, the possible causes, the explanation how things can and will be fixed, she will also present options.

Her recommendations have given me a beautiful confident smile.

I highly recommend Dr. Bis to friends, family and acquaintances.

May, 2016


A fantastic dental office! The staff are amazing, energetic, and very friendly.

Jessica and Dr. Bis are great, made my first visit fun and enjoyable.

Thank you!

I’d refer everyone here!

Will be back to keep these pearly whites in good shape 🙂

April, 2016


I didn’t go to the dentist for a really long time (ten years) because my last experience was so bad.

My dad recommended Dr Bis and I’m so glad he did. I had a lot of work that needed to be done and I was really scared. Everyone couldn’t have been nicer and they tried really hard to make me feel at ease.

I’m convinced there is nothing Dr Bis can’t do. She’s a brilliant woman.

She fixed my 2 cracked teeth and filled cavities.

I’ll be bringing my daughter for braces soon.

She has really great staff. That makes a huge difference when a Dr chooses really kind people to work in their office.

Going for any medical appointment can be intimidating but people like Dr Bis and her staff make it so much easier.

I would recommend her to anyone 🙂

April, 2016